TopManage Case Studies & Customer Success Stories

We pride ourselves in providing innovative, industry leading business management software solutions. With more than 15 years of experience and over 300 customers, our SAP Business One and E-commerce knowledge and expertise is passed onto the customer. We help businesses get the most from their IT investment, and our customers agree. Read below to see how our solutions are converted into measurable results and happy customers.


  1. CRC

    Industry: Mining & Mineral Supplier

    TopManage Products: OLK Webstore

    CRC gained a competitive advantage in the US industrial mineral industry by offering customers an improved B-to-B buying experience with OLK Web store - SAP Business One integrated E-commerce Webstore. CRC quickly meet their online sales goals with OLK, and are now able to give customers the ability to order products online and review account information, all while adhering to their budget and complex workflow.
  2. Cubix

    Industry: Wholesale distribution of electronics

    TopManage Products: OLK CRM, OLK Webstore & Flute Player

    Cubix, an INC. 5,000 company and leading wholesale distributor of electronics to Latin American markets, used OLK to help expand into 8 countries and fostered a 250% increase in sales revenue. OLK transformed Cubix's SAP Business One into a private cloud which allowed them to connect multiple offices in other countries to the corporate headquarter ERP. OLK CRM enabled Cubix to reduce SAP seat license expenses and gave sales reps access to critical data anywhere, anytime, while OLK Webstore gave Cubix customers self-service access to account information and the ability to purchase products online.
  3. UTI

    Industry: Automotive Retail and Distribution

    TopManage Products: OLK CRM & OLK Mobile

    UTI Streamlines Operations & Increases Market Share with OLK’s Private Cloud Sales Platform. Universal Trucks Israel (UTI), a distributor of Isuzu Trucks in Israel, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, uses OLK CRM & OLK Mobile to give sales reps the power to manage all SAP Business One sales activity through handheld devices, including updating processes, viewing inventory data, and reviewing customer history.
  4. Morel

    Industry: Wholesale Distribution of Clothing & Accessories

    TopManage Products: SAP Business One, OLK CRM & OLK Mobile

    Morel experienced a 15% increase in sales order success after the implementation of OLK. Morel is located in the Colon Free Zone and is a wholesale distributor of clothing and fashion accessories to retail stores throughout Latin America. OLK simplified Morel's sales process and gave sales reps the ability to review real-time product information from any device while creating commercial documents. OLK ensured sales reps made decisions based on accurate information from SAP Business One. Morel has been a TopManage customer since 2005.
  5. Ultracom

    Industry: Wholesale & Retail Office Supplies

    TopManage Products: Flute Player

    Ultracom Group needed to integrate their SAP Point-of-Sale (POS) with SAP Business One to create an automatic, real-time transfer of invoices and inventory data. Ultracom Group selected TopManage to facilitate the application integration of SAP Business One and SAP POS due to Flute Player's ability to quickly and efficiently complete the integration.
  6. Xioma

    Industry: IT & ERP Consultant

    TopManage Products: OBServer

    Xioma reduced clients' SAP Business One integration time by 75%, saving their clients time and money. Xioma is an ERP consultant and provides information software solutions to a global customer base of both large and small organizations. Xioma regularly executes complex SAP Business One integration scenarios, and they use OBServer to simplify and quicken the process.