SAP Business One Pricing

In order to determine if SAP Business One is a good fit for your business it is best to first consult with us. Our local business knowledge and IT expertise allows us to advise you on your best options for software, IT and what benefits you can expect, as well as your pricing and financing options.

Every business is different. And since SAP Business One is highly customizable and offers industry specific solutions, pricing varies by customer. Typically, a business that purchases and implements SAP Business One for up to five users can expect to incur costs of around $20,000. However, the SAP Business One Starter Package can be purchased for around $9,000 for five users.

When budgeting for the purchase and implementation of SAP Business One, there are four key areas to consider: software licensing, implementation, hardware, and maintenance.

  • Software licensing – SAP Business One software licensing is based on a per-user licensing model. Total cost of licensing depends on various factors, including the number of users and the type of access each user will need to perform specific functions in the application.
  • Implementation – The cost of implementing SAP Business One can vary greatly, depending on your business requirements – for example, features needed, scope of data migration, level of customization, level of integration with other systems, and staff training.
  • Hardware – Depending on the specifications of your current hardware, you may need to budget for hardware upgrades to efficiently run SAP Business One.
  • Maintenance – You should also consider maintenance when budgeting for SAP Business One. Maintenance includes software upgrades – for example, new releases, technology updates, support packages, and patches, as well as maintenance and support services for problem resolution and system monitoring.
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