SAP Business One E-Commerce Web Store

Grow your E-commerce Channel with OLK Web Store

OLK Web Store is an integrated SAP Business One E-commerce Website for B2B and B2C businesses. By combining SAP B1′s enterprise resource planning capabilities with the highly configurable OLK E-commerce platform, businesses can confidently turn the Internet into a valuable sales and marketing channel.

Key Benefits

  • SAP Business One integrated E-commerce Website – easily manage inventory, order fulfillment and customer information with a custom designed SAP database-driven Website
  • Quick Implementation – Deploy a full featured E-commerce Website with your entire SAP B1 catalog in one day
  • Sell Online with confidence - process orders with complete assurance that the item is in stock, tracked, and delivered to your customers on time
  • Improve customer satisfaction – Provide self-service access and a personalized shopping experience to customers with unique content and dynamic pricing, including special offers, discounts, and the ability to check order status and make payments
  • Increase revenue – Build targeted, personalized marketing campaigns and enable automated cross-selling/up-selling recommendations
  • Accelerate order-to-cash process – setup automated approvals and standardize workflows with an integrated quote-to-order-to-cash process
  • Reduce cost-of-sale errors – Customize automated sales processes and self-service functionality to improve your sale order success rate
  • Speed up order fulfillment – utilize real-time inventory tracking, price list integration, and monitor customizable dashboards and reports

The OLK B2C Web store gives Web site visitors instant access to your complete product catalog with the ability to make purchases directly on your site. And the OLK B2B Web store provides 24/7 self-service access for customers to place orders, view order history, check order status, make payments, and more.

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E-commerce Web Store Features

B2C E-commerce Website
B2B E-commerce Website
Customizable Design
Content Management
Online Catalogs & Items
Catalog Personalization
Up-Selling & Cross-Selling
Price Lists and Discounts
Product Availability Check
Shopping Carts & Checkout
Order Processing & Billing
Customer Segmentation & Campaign Targeting


SAP Integrated E-commerce Website

OLK Web Store, the only SAP Business One integrated E-commerce Website, enables you to sell online with complete assurance that the item is in stock, tracked, and delivered to your customers on time. Plus, the integration ensures that there will be no backlogs or duplicate entries.  OLK Web Store is the solution for 21st century sales. With the ability to design, integrate and deploy a full featured E-commerce Website in as little as 4 hours, businesses are no longer tied down by high IT costs and long implementations.

OLK Web store seamlessly integrates with your SAP Business One inventory allowing you to maintain a single solution while expanding your marketplace and eliminating location and time barriers. Best of yet, it doesn’t take a team of developers to manage your SAP Business One integrated E-commerce Website. Simple SQL queries and point-and-click customization allow you to tailor the SAP Business One E-commerce platform to your business needs, including design, automated sales workflow and administration