Cubix Expands into 8 Countries with Help of OLK’s Low Cost, Quick Implementation, and Web-Based Access


“Using OLK in our company has meant better response times and ease of information management and consolidation by using only one system, such as SAP Business One as a platform that supports all our operations in six countries. Moreover it has entailed a significant cost reduction and simplified the expansion of our sales offices without a major impact on costs and implementation times.”

– Carmen Navarro, Information Systems Manager of Cubix

Cubix Latin America, founded in 1990, is a wholesale distributor of computer products, which it exports to Latin American markets. The company has direct contracts with manufacturers such as HP, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung, Microsoft, Linksys, and LG. Cubix is ranked #1195 on the INC. 5000 list.

Cubix has been a customer of TopManage since 2008 when it purchased the OLK private cloud sales platform and utilized Flute Player for application integration of third-party systems.


  • Reduce costs of SAP Business One software licenses, hardware and VPN connections while implementing a single ERP with a central database for all branch offices
  • Grant all sales personnel access to the SAP Business One ERP while minimizing high cost of individual seat licenses
  • Avoid long implementation process across multiple regions while managing geographic expansion


  • OLK, TopManage’s private cloud sales platform, permitted easy-to-use, on-demand Web access to SAP Business One for all sales agents
  • OLK granted personnel simultaneously access from different countries all over the Americas to create commercial documents and access Sales Reports, Customer Information, Inventory Details, and other information in real-time via the Web
  • OLK demanded less processing power and memory than the equipment used by SAP Business One
  • Vendors outside the office using SAP Business One gained access via the OLK Web application which considerably reduced the cost of IT investment
  • OLK’s customizable Web store provided clients online access to pricing inquiries, account statements, available inventory, order placement, and enabled direct communication with sales personnel
  • Flute Player, TopManage’s application integration platform, allowed Cubix to maintain the inventory of 5 companies in different countries on different third party systems, achieving uniformity of information and product codes within SAP Business One
  • OLK optimized the sales process and integrated all information with SAP Business One, including non-commercial transactions such as Accounting, Collection, and Administration all in one platform
  • OLK – SAP Business One integration provided a single easy-to-use Web based platform that supported and consolidated all of Cubix’s operations in 8 countries


  • OLK simplified the expansion from two offices in two countries to 8 offices throughout all of North, Central and South America
  • Cubix recorded at 250% revenue growth from 2006 to 2009
  • Low cost of OLK licensing permitted market and geographic growth without impacting the cost of opening new offices.
  • OLK was selected based on its seller functionalities, the feasibility of its use for web sales, and affordable price
  • OLK demo confirmed that it would conform to both their immediate and medium term requirements
  • OLK significantly reduced costs on hardware expenses and seat licenses
  • Time spent from purchase to implementation to full activity was less than two weeks, allowing business to focus on sales and expansion, not IT
  • OLK B2B Web store provided clientele with the opportunity to access product information and interact with sales personnel more directly, practically, and efficiently
  • Upon hardware failure TopManage restored the system completely and returned the system to full operation in less than twelve hours
  • SAP Business One integration with other business applications via Flute Player allowed Cubix to simplify work processes, such as generating documents across company boundaries and between different companies
  • Flute Player application integration reduced the required time spend on the sales workflow and minimized human error

Key Stats

Web site:

Industry: Electronics wholesale distributor

Size: 300+ employees, 8 offices

Customers: 12,000

Region: North, Central and South America

Products: SAP Business One, OLK, Flute Player