Morel SA Experienced a 15% Increase in Sales Order Success with the Implementation of OLK Private Cloud Sales Platform


“Our sales process can range from a few hours to a few days. In this time our inventory is constantly fluctuating, and once an item is sold out, it usually never restocks. OLK simplifies our sales process; the integration with SAP Business One makes it easy to identify information related to the products in real-time while creating commercial documents, ensuring there are no oversold items, securing the validity of the documents, and giving our customers and us confidence in the information.”

– Jacobo Segman, General Manager Morel, S.A

Morel SA is located in the Colon Free Zone and is a wholesale distributor of clothing and fashion accessories to retail stores throughout Latin America. This company has a huge product line and specializes in items for the whole family such as sweaters, hats, underwear, shoes, suitcases, backpacks, wallets and much more. Morel SA has been a TopManage customer since 2005 with the implementation of OLK and SAP Business One.


  • Eliminate dependence to custom software created in a DOS environment with a database in Data Flex
  • Require a system to provide a 360 degree view of the business with real-time information
  • Implement a information system to allow sales personnel to obtain inventory information, view customer history, and place sales orders from a mobile device or internet connection
  • Reduce IT administration, support and expenses


  • Implemented the SAP Business One ERP which provided real-time business information and a central database for all business operations
  • Integrated the OLK Web-based sales platform with SAP Business One to enable access and management of business information from any internet connection
  • OLK – SAP Business One integration allowed sales personnel to utilize the OLK Mobile CRM and place sales orders from their smart phone ensuring the items are in stock and the orders are recorded in SAP Business One
  • Sales personnel were able to personalize the sales process with the OLK Mobile CRM application by being able to view customer history and previous buying behavior
  • OLK B2B Web store provided a Web-based customer portal for foreign clients to place orders, check order status, make payments and more, all from their computer without ever having to step foot in the showroom
  • OLK was selected to administer sales for its flexibility, adaptability, intuitiveness, simple SQL programming, and an elegant design
  • SAP Business One was chosen as the business’s ERP due to the ease of integration with the OLK private cloud sales platform


  • Sales personnel recorded a 15% increase in sales order success by being able to confidently make business decisions based on real-time, accurate information while reducing errors
  • All business processes were integrated into OLK and SAP Business One including Finances, Human Resources, Purchasing, Sales, CRM, and E-commerce
  • OLK private cloud fostered collaboration and better communication between different offices and regions



With OLK we have achieved control and have information that we never imagined we could; for example, in the details of our sales based on territory, we follow contracts established with each brand we represent because we can sell certain brands to only specific countries or territories, and not to others. OLK allows us to stay within the rules, and not sell brands to Clients in restricted areas; it’s really efficient.- Ilan Segman, Purchasing Manager Morel, S.A.


Key Stats

Web site: N/A

Industry: Clothing & Accessories Wholesale Distribution

Size: 100+ Employees

Region: Central and South America

Products: SAP Business One & OLK