Ultracom Streamlines Retail Operations with SAP Business One & SAP POS Integration

SAP Business One integration

“Before integrating SAP Business One and SAP POS, inventory planning, accounting and overall retail management was inefficient and inaccurate. Now with a seamless integration, thanks to Flute Player, we have eliminated costly human errors caused during the rekeying of data, increased staff productivity, and optimized our inventory management, plus financial accounting is made easy with automated invoicing and reporting in SAP Business One.”

– Guillermo Zaldivar,
Chief Technology Officer of Ultacom Group

Ultracom Group was founded in 1974 in Panama City, Panama, and is the leading wholesaler and retailer of office supplies in Panama. With more than 12,000 SKUs and 250 employees, Ultracom Group offers customers a wide range of products, including: office supplies, stationery, personal computers, printers, copiers, air conditioners, office furniture, electronics and more.

Ultracom Group enlisted TopManage in 2010 to implement and customize SAP Business One 8.8. Upon completing the implementation, TopManage seamlessly integrated SAP Business One 8.8 and the customer’s SAP Point of Sale 10. The integration was accomplished via Flute Player, TopManage’s proprietary application integration platform.


  • Ultracom Group needed to integrate their SAP Point-of-Sale (POS) with SAP Business One to create an automatic, real-time transfer of invoices and inventory data
  • The non-integrated POS and ERP meant the company had to manually enter sales data into the ERP
  • Inventory items were being sold without having the ability to track, record and report on sales in the ERP
  • The company required real-time transparency in sales and financial accounting without having to drain the company’s IT resources


  • Ultracom Group selected TopManage to facilitate the application integration due to Flute Player’s ability to quickly and efficiently complete SAP Business One integrations
  • Flute Player enabled a complete and seamless application integration between SAP POS and SAP Business One
  • The integration was designed according to retail best-business  practices and forced an optimized workflow
  • Ultracom Group were able to easily define SAP Business One inventory items for sale thereby enabling the POS to sell only items in stock
  • All inventory items sold were automatically tracked and recorded in SAP Business One so Ultacom Group could better manage inventory
  • The integration automatically sent invoices and all corresponding sales data from the POS to SAP Business One to provide real-time accounting and reporting capabilities


  • Ultracom Group was able to increase margins by 12% with superior inventory management, an optimized workflow, and more efficient financial accounting
  • The automatic transfer of data reduced human error caused by manual data entry thereby preventing costly mistakes
  • Productivity was improved as a result of time-savings from eliminating the re-keying of data
  • The application integration was completed in less than 2 months with very little user training required

Key Stats

Web site: www.ultracompras.com

Industry: Wholesale & Retail Office Supplies

Size: 250 employees

Region: Panama

Products: SAP Business One, SAP Point-of-Sale, Flute Player