Xioma Reduces SAP Business One Integration Time by 75% with OBServer

Xioma Solutions

“OBServer reduces integration development time by 75%, saving our clients time and money by simplifying SAP Business One integration. OBServer allows a SAP consultant or user with basic SQL knowledge to make very complicated, technical integration scenarios without any development or SAP DI-API experience.”

– Guy Levy, CEO of Xioma


Xioma provides information software solutions to Israeli organizations, both large and small, as well as to a growing global customer base. Xioma is a reseller of the TopManage SAP integration tool, OBServer, and specializes in ERP solutions, specifically SAP Business One. Xioma’s goal is to help their clients receive maximum benefit from their software investment.


  • Xioma regularly performs complex SAP Business One integration scenarios and was having difficulty working with clients and consultants that lacked SAP Data Interface API (DI-API) experience.
  • Xioma was using an in-house integration tool that was inefficient and took too long to perform complex integration scenarios. Moreover, the proprietary tool’s high learning curve decreased productivity.
  • Typical SAP Business One users and/or consultants do not have the advanced SQL knowledge and programming experience required to work inside the SAP DI-API. Furthermore, knowledge of client technologies and coding, including Microsoft Visual Studio or Visual Studio .NET is necessary to make integrations via the DI-API which is not common among SAP users.
  • Xioma wanted an affordable, easy-to-use solution that would allow their clients to simplify SAP Business One integration scenarios, as well as make it possible to read, browse, create, update and delete objects in a SAP Business One database without operating within the SAP DI-API. As they were already selling OLK which came with OBServer as a component, they naturally started using that because it was so much easier.


  • Xioma selected OBServer, the TopManage SAP integration tool, due to its simplicity and low-cost, high efficiency integration capabilities
  • OBServer enables users and consultants to execute complex integration scenarios by using basic SQL commands – No development skills required.
  • Designed without a user interface, OBServer allows all levels of SQL and SAP Business One users, beginners to advanced consultants, to work in the familiar SAP Business One environment.
  • OBServer effectively emulates SAP database tables and enables SAP authorized integrations via the SAP DI API without ever actually having to work inside the DI-API.
  • All SAP Business One integrations and customizations performed with OBServer are authorized by SAP and create zero database inconsistencies.
  • OBServer can integrate SAP Business One with any system and maintain SAP database approval. OBServer has no direct effect on third-party applications as it acts only as an information bridge between applications and the SAP DI-API. Therefore, SAP database errors are avoided, warranties are maintained, and SAP upgrades are easily performed without effect on integrated applications.
  • OBServer provides the opportunity for unlimited integration and custom workflow scenarios for SAP Business One.


  • Xioma reduced integration service time by 75% with OBServer compared to the competing SAP integration platform they previously used
  • Xioma clients, users , partners, and consultants, easily executed numerous technical integration scenarios and custom workflows by using basic SQL, and eliminated the need for costly support and service
  • With simple OBServer instruction, Xioma clients created multiple custom workflows, business logic and system integrations in a matter of minutes
  • Xioma achieved many different SAP Business One integrations for clients with OBServer, such as seamlessly transferring data between a company’s corporate headquarters and their subsidiaries, as well as creating automatic document flow from SAP Business One and a point-of-sale add-on application.
  • OBServer gave users a tool to deliver quick integrations at a lower cost. Since OBServer shares the SAP Business One user interface, and utilizes easy-to-learn processes and basic SQL, Xioma was able to train new hires, partners, and consultants how to use OBServer in a matter of days opposed to the previous tool which took months to learn.

Key Stats

Web site: www.xiomasolutions.com/

Industry: IT & Information Solutions

Size: 50 employees

Region: Global

Products: OBServer