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On your mark. Get set. Go. The race is on, and TopManage is ready to lead the SAP Business One community into the blogosphere. Supported by some of the best and brightest in the business, the TopManage Blog is going to give you an inside look into the inner workings of a software company. Plus, you’ll get to hear from our growing team of business software experts, each lending their unique expertise.

Here is where you will find the latest and greatest news, advice, articles, and research on everything about SAP Business One and its add-ons – from cool product/service updates to breaking down new industry news and trends.

We’ve gathered the greatest minds at TopManage and formed what we like to call, Team Super SAP, comprised of product experts, support genies, development gurus, implementation masters, and IT wizards.  Each team member will regularly be coming out of their den of software solace to share their knowledge with you.  Every week you can expect to hear from us on a wide breadth of business software topics, so check back often.

Put us all together in the same room and you might want to duck and cover from software bombardment, but one-by-one, you can pick our brains and hear our thoughts. We encourage you to get involved, leave comments, ask questions, send us emails; we are listening and want to start a real conversation.

So, bookmark this blog, email a link to a friend/colleague, make a comment in the section below, or add our RSS feed, and let’s pump up the volume on news at TopManage.


Featuring Team Super SAP…

Yuval Lerner
Yuval started at TopManage as a programmer writing code well beyond his years. He has since lost the title of prodigy coder and grew into CEO. He’ll be sharing his expertise on running an innovative software company, customizing SAP, and extending its functionality with cloud solutions.

David Attias
David was born with SAP flowing through his veins. Business software is his passion, but SAP is his game. From SAP and Business One add-ons to industry trends, retail solutions, and best-practices, David will be opening up his SAP play book for all to see. With his guidance, your business software can be taken to the next level.

Victorino Maure
Victorino has been selling business software, ERP solutions, and specifically SAP products for years. He knows the products inside and out. He can break them down to a level that non-IT people can easily understand and clearly show how the software solution will benefit their business. Victorino is going to give you the tools to improve SAP sales and its add-ons, as well as provide innovative ways for you to stay competitive by implementing business software solutions.

Fanny Rivas
Fanny is a software implementation superhero.  After crushing SAP Business One standard implementation times, we realized Fanny was not just any normal software implementer. She devises plans and strategies to give businesses the best possible solution in the least amount of time, and does it with ease.  She is going to let you in on her secrets. So, stay tuned for ways to improve SAP Business One and add-on implementation.

Katerine Diaz
There is a reason why we are still in business – our customers. As they continue to grow profitably, we continue to deliver best-in-class solutions. And I think it is safe to say that Katerine is one reason why our customers are as efficiently run as they are. She has perfected the training methods for SAP Business One and our suite of business software products. If there is a trick or tip to improve processes or performance, she is the one to ask.

Arleen Galvez
Customer support is both an art and science, and Arleen makes it look easy. Thanks to her hard work supporting our global customer base, Arleen has turned TopManage support into a well oiled machine. She will be sharing with you ways to resolve SAP Business One issues and common problems, as well as offer insight on how you can improve your own support service and staff.

Alex Weintraub
Alex eats, sleeps, and dreams digital marketing. From search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising to Web design, conversion optimization, and lead nurturing, Alex can clearly define a winning online strategy that will fill your sales pipeline. Get ready, because he will help give you the tools you need to load your CRM with qualified leads.

This is Team Super SAP signing of. Until next time friends…


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