TopManage Increases Sales by 52% in 2011

Source: Martes Financiero

In 2011 TopManage – a company that offers E-commerce, online reporting, and inventory control and management software solutions – increased sales by 52% compared to the previous year.
TopManage CEO, Yuval Lerner, says that since the founding of the company 14 years ago, it has provided administrative solutions that manage customer relationships, service, warranties, inventory, and accounting processes that optimize the customer workflow.

TopManage software explains Lerner, allows customers in the Colon Free Zone, for example, to order, pay, and almost instantly process the shipment.

“There were companies that only managed to process 50% of order taken,” he said, adding that the companies suffered from accepting orders of out of stock items, which represented a substantial loss in sales volume.

Lerner explained that with one of the TopManage solutions, OLK, businesses can easily check inventory with a click of the mouse on a handheld device and avoid selling the same item 50 times.

By offering software solutions like OLK, TopManage increased sales by 52% in 2011, and earned recognition from SAP as the “SAP Business One Partner of the Year.”

It is recognition like this that makes TopManage a partner of SAP in its network of 24 channels in Mexico and Central America.

The manager of SAP Business One Mexico and Central America, Cardoza Manuel Bravo, noted that TopManage not only exceeded sales growth expectations, but also exceeded targets that were set at 143%.

“Not only do they exceed the goals, but they do it continuously,” says Bravo Cardoza.

In this regard, Lerner says the goal this year is to implement all the initiatives undertaken in 2011 and attack the market where there is still potential for growth.

One such initiative is to finalize alliances, as it has in the United States, Western Europe and Brazil, in order to sell its products in other countries. Although, Lerner says his challenge in the short term is to export their products to the Chinese market.