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OLK CRM is your complete online toolkit for SAP Business One sales success – one Web CRM add-on, 100% Integrated & Certified for SAP, to manage all sales activities.

  • Increase productivity: Access real-time information anywhere
  • Close more deals: Simplify sales tracking & order processing
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Never miss orders or inquiries

SAP Business One CRM

Increase Sales with OLK CRM for SAP Business One

Online Kit (OLK) transforms your business with a 100% integrated SAP Business One private sales cloud. By extending the power of SAP Business One with an integration certified Web CRM, OLK gives you online sales tools to manage and optimize all sales activities, including: lead, customer and partner management, activity management, sales automation, order processing, support, collection, and reporting.

Lead Management

OLK CRM allows your business to manage and monitor in real-time your leads captured from OLK Web Store or your Web site, as well as those manually entered by sales reps. You are able to respond to leads in seconds or minutes, not hours or days – leads will never fall through the cracks.

With a single location for all information on your leads, the SAP Business One CRM allows higher productivity and greater pipeline visibility to close more deals faster. You no longer have multiple locations to update and record lead data or track activity. And because OLK CRM is Web-based, the automated sales processes and lead data is securely available anywhere, anytime.

Customer and Partner Management

OLK CRM provides a 360-degree view of each partner and customer. With deep knowledge of every customer and partner in one location you enable your business to enhance collaboration and foster long-lasting relationships.

Activity Management

Sales reps and businesses can stay organized and coordinate their activities to give customers the quick responses and prompt attention they need. With OLK CRM, you enable your sales reps to schedule and manage tasks more efficiently, and review previous activity, such as meetings, tasks and phone calls, allowing your sales team to reduce sale times and increase productivity. Additionally, activity reports can be designed and generated for up-to-date information of all your critical business/sales activities.

Sales Automation & Order Processing

Automate any work-flow or sales process, such as sending quotes and creating sales methodologies. Access stock/inventory levels and price information from anywhere. Create quotes and place orders from any computer or mobile device. Make diverse inquiries such as a detailed review of each item and its most recent transaction, check the base selling price for each item being negotiated, and much more. OLK sales automation allows your sales agents to respond quickly and confidently, as well as prevent rework and costly mistakes.

Mobile Sales App

Easy-to-use mobile sales application for iPads, iPhones, Blackberry and more. Search inventory lists and prices from any mobile device. Review partner and lead details. Key-in orders and finalize sales in the mobile app with real-time SAP Business One integration.


Collect customer support requests from all your channels with the SAP Business One CRM. OLK CRM provides a central location to track, manage and resolve customer issues and information requests. Furthermore, OLK CRM gives sales managers the capability to send customer and partner surveys to gain valuable insight into their behavior, needs and wants.


OLK CRM for SAP Business One effectively allows your business to integrate the complete customer lifecycle on one platform, including collection of account receivables. With OLK Web Store and OLK CRM integrated with SAP Business One, you are able to accept/receive payment directly on your secure Web site, and track, monitor and manage the collection via OLK CRM.

Reporting & Forecasting

OLK CRM for SAP Business One enables sales reps and executives to have access to custom designed and 11 standard real-time reports with sales pipeline visibility, won and lost opportunities, sales forecasting and more. Gain a real-time perspective on your entire business via the customizable OLK CRM dashboard which provides consolidated views of real-time sales data. By providing instant and comprehensive information, businesses are able to make decisions confidently and quickly based on accurate data.

Systems Integration

OLK CRM provides businesses with the opportunity to integrate nearly any SQL software system into OLK and SAP Business One. With the TopManage enterprise application integration platform, Flute Player, OLK is able to provide integration capabilities unmatched by other SAP B1 CRMs.

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The integration of OLK and the SAP Business One ERP improves all areas of sales for UTI. Thanks to the solutions, UTI’s field agents can manage all sales activity through handheld devices including updating processes, viewing inventory data, and reviewing customer history.
- Chen Goldfarb, CIO of UTI

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