SAP Business One Private Cloud Platform

SAP Business One ERP

Manage all core business functions: financials, sales, inventory, operations, reporting.

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Web Store

Create and manage an E-commerce Web store integrated with your SAP inventory.

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Everything you need to win more deals. Stay on top of every lead, partner and customer.

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Stay connected and close deals from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.

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Customer Testimonials


“The integration of OLK and the SAP Business One ERP improves all areas of sales for UTI. Thanks to the mobile sales solutions, UTI’s field agents can manage all sales activity through handheld devices including updating processes, viewing inventory data, and reviewing customer history.”

Chen Goldfarb


“Using OLK in our company has meant better response times and ease of information management and consolidation by using only one system, such as SAP Business One as a platform that supports all our operations in six countries.”

Carmen Navarro
IS Manager of Cubix

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SAP Business One is the worldwide leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for small and medium size businesses. By integrating SAP B1 and OLK, businesses can successfully streamline operations, easily create and manage a full-featured SAP database-driven E-commerce Website, and close more deals faster from any Internet connection or mobile device. With SAP Business One and OLK, B-to-B and B-to-C businesses can turn the Internet into a profitable sales, marketing and service channel.

OLK establishes an E-commerce order management process that creates an accurate and smooth flow from sales quote to approved order, completion to fulfillment, and fast and easy invoicing to payment. OLK allows your business to fast track the order-to-cash process while improving customer satisfaction.

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  • Integrated: SAP Business One ERP, CRM and E-commerce Web store minimizes sale cycle times and errors.
  • Visibility: Real-time, customizable dashboards provide a 360 degree view of all business operations.
  • Availability: OLK private cloud enables Internet browser and mobile access from anywhere, anytime.
  • Scalability: Private cloud allows you to maximize your own resources and scale up or down with minimal investment.
  • Adaptability: Complete control and management over the platform offers the ability to customize with confidence.
  • Speed: OLK private cloud E-commerce and sales platform can be deployed in as little as one day
  • Capability: Create a two-tier ERP model and connect multiple offices and subsidiaries to the corporate ERP

OLK Platform Features

SAP Business One

SAP Business One ERP

SAP Business One ERP enables businesses to have real-time insight into business trends and critical processes with a 360 degree view of all operations—so you can respond to customers faster and grow your business more profitably. SAP Business One integrates all core business functions with comprehensive management solutions including financials, sales, customer relationship management, inventory, operations, and reporting.

With more than 30,000+ small and medium size enterprises (SME) worldwide using SAP Business One, it is affordable, easy-to-use business management software that effectively creates a single platform to manage your entire business

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E-commerce Web Store

OLK Web Store enables businesses to easily manage inventory, order fulfillment and customer information with a custom designed SAP database-driven E-commerce Web store. With a built in shopping cart and multi-site capability, OLK Web Store can be deployed in hours rather than months, and ensures all online orders are processed and fulfilled quickly and accurately. The Web store’s design is totally customizable via HTML and CSS, or you can choose from 6 pre-designed templates.

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OLK E-commerce Web Store

OLK B-to-B Onlines Sales Portal

B-to-B Online Sales Portal

OLK Web Store can serve as a browser based self-service sales portal for B-to-B businesses. The integrated SAP Business One sales portal, separate from the B-to-C Web Store, allows customers and vendors to securely and easily view account information, browse inventory, place sales orders and support requests, and pay bills online; all this and more while establishing controls to ensure accurate information.

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OLK Web-based CRM provides real-time integration with SAP Business One giving you access to everything you need to know about your partners and leads in one location. With OLK CRM you can automate sales processes, generate alerts, monitor tasks, view real-time reports, access inventory levels and pricing info, and create sales quotes from any internet connection.

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OLK Sales Automation

Sales Automation

Automate any work-flow or sales process, such as sending quotes and creating sales methodologies. Access stock/inventory levels and price information from anywhere. Create quotes and place orders from any computer or mobile device. Make diverse inquiries such as a detailed review of each item and its most recent transaction, check the base selling price for each item being negotiated, and much more. OLK sales automation allows your sales agents to respond quickly and confidently, as well as prevent rework and costly mistakes.

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Mobile CRM & Sales App

Easy-to-use mobile sales application for iPads, iPhones, Blackberry and more. Search inventory lists and prices from any mobile device. Review partner and lead details. Key-in orders and finalize sales in the mobile app with real-time SAP Business One integration.

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OLK Mobile CRM

OLK Real Time Reports

Real-Time Reports

Sales agents, management and even customers can view real-time reports from any internet connection or mobile device.

Custom Alerts

Custom alerts designed to notify people when their work is required. Create alerts with information from SAP Business One to be displayed in the OLK dashboard.

OLK Custom Alerts

OLK Task Monitor

Task Monitor

Real-time dashboard of tasks and activities that require attention. Set up OLK to create and assign tasks when work-flow rules are triggered.

Web-Based Administration

Optimize your organization’s efficiency and consistency by incorporating risk and compliance into the sales process. Gain control over routine activities, set user rights and roles, automate approvals and standardized business processes through flexible configurations.

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OLK Admin

OLK Language Choices


OLK comes in 12 different languages to meet the demand of an international customer base.

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