Full-Featured Ecommerce Website Controlled by SAP B1

OLK gives your business the tools to easily create and manage an E-commerce Webstore that is 100% integrated with SAP Business One

  • Increase sales: Give customers 24/7 self-service access to your entire product catalog
  • Quick implementation: Launch full-featured E-commerce Website in 1 day
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Never miss orders or sell out-of-stock items

SAP Business One Ecommerce Webstore


Increase Sales with SAP Business One Ecommerce

Online Kit (OLK) transforms your business with a 100% integrated SAP Business One private sales cloud. By extending the power of SAP Business One with an integration certified Web store, OLK gives you online sales tools that increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and close more deals faster.

OLK Web Store is perfect for businesses looking to give their customers instant access to their SAP inventory with self-service shopping tools. Customers can place orders, view order history, check order status, and make payments directly on your Website. And since it is integrated with SAP Business One, you can assure that purchased items are in stock, tracked, and delivered.

Best of yet, OLK Webstore doesn’t take a team of developers to manage the E-commerce Website. Simple SQL queries and point-and-click customization allow you to tailor the SAP Business One E-commerce Webstore to your business needs, including design, automated sales workflow and administration. Plus, implementation is a breeze – regularly completed in 1 day.

  • Integrated with SAP: Easily manage inventory, order fulfillment and customer information
  • Quick implementation: Launch your store in 1 day with your full product catalog
  • Increase revenue: Transaction email marketing, automated cross-selling/up-selling recommendations, dynamic pricing & promotions
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Provide self-service access and a personalized shopping experience to customers with unique content and dynamic pricing
  • Accelerate order-to-cash process: Setup automated approvals and standardize workflows with integrated quote-to-order-to-cash processes
  • Speed up order fulfillment: Real-time inventory tracking, price list integration, and customizable reports


OLK supports all our operations in six countries…it has entailed a significant cost reduction and simplified the expansion of our sales offices without a major impact on costs and implementation times. - Carmen Navarro, Information Systems Manager of Cubix

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OLK Webstore Features


SAP Business One

SAP Business One ERP

SAP Business One ERP enables businesses to have real-time insight into business trends and critical processes with a 360 degree view of all operations—so you can respond to customers faster and grow your business more profitably. SAP Business One integrates all core business functions with comprehensive management solutions including financials, sales, customer relationship management, inventory, operations, and reporting.

With more than 30,000+ small and medium size enterprises (SME) worldwide using SAP Business One, it is affordable, easy-to-use business management software that effectively creates a single platform to manage your entire business

E-commerce Web Store

OLK Web Store enables businesses to easily manage inventory, order fulfillment and customer information with a custom designed SAP database-driven E-commerce Web store. With a built in shopping cart and multi-site capability, OLK Web Store can be deployed in hours rather than months, and ensures all online orders are processed and fulfilled quickly and accurately. The Web store’s design is totally customizable via HTML and CSS, or you can choose from 6 pre-designed templates.

OLK E-commerce Web Store

OLK B-to-B Onlines Sales Portal

B-to-B Online Sales Portal

OLK Web Store can serve as a browser based self-service sales portal for B-to-B businesses. The integrated SAP Business One sales portal, separate from the B-to-C Web Store, allows customers and vendors to securely and easily view account information, browse inventory, place sales orders and support requests, and pay bills online; all this and more while establishing controls to ensure accurate information.

Web CRM & Sales Tracking

OLK Web-based CRM provides real-time integration with OLK Web store and SAP Business One, giving you access to everything you need to know about your customers in one location. With OLK CRM you can automate sales processes, generate alerts, monitor tasks, view real-time reports, access inventory levels and pricing info, and create sales quotes from any internet connection.


OLK Sales Automation

Sales Automation & Order Processing

Automate any work-flow or sales process, such as requiring approval to process quotes or place orders for specific products. Access stock/inventory levels and price information from anywhere. Make diverse inquiries such as a detailed review of each item and its most recent transaction, check the base selling price for each item being negotiated, and much more. OLK sales automation allows your sales agents to respond quickly and confidently, as well as prevent rework and costly mistakes.

Customizable Design

OLK Web Store offers every customer the opportunity to customize the Website design. You can choose from one of 6 pre-designed E-commerce Web store templates, or easily change colors, logos, images, and text with point-and-click customization tools. No need to hire a designer or programmer either. OLK has been created with the average business user in mind. But, if your design needs require complete control, the OLK Web Store can be updated via the Web site’s CSS files.

OLK Webstore Design

OLK Admin

Web-Based Administration

Optimize your organization’s efficiency and consistency by incorporating risk and compliance into the sales process. Gain control over routine activities, set user rights and roles, automate approvals and standardized business processes through flexible configurations.


More SAP Business One Features than any other SAP Webstore


Content Management

With basic HTML and/or CSS knowledge you can easily create and edit unlimited, customizable content, including adding new pages, sections and categories. Plus, through SQL scripting you are able to display dynamic content for individual customers or pre-defined customer segments.

Online Catalogs & Items

Transfer your existing SAP Business One inventory to your Web store with a click of the mouse. Easily categorize your inventory so customers can find the product they wish to purchase. Let customers browse your catalog and search for products that meet their specific needs. And have complete control over the information you display in the Web store, including functions, features and multiple product images.

Shopping Carts & Checkout

OLK Web Store seamlessly integrates with the payment processor of your choice, or customers can choose from an already integrated regional shopping cart that requires zero implementation or customization. OLK provides integration with World Pay for our European customers, Adquira for customers in Mexico, and Pelecard for customers in Israel.

The OLK Web Store shopping cart allows Web site visitors to store their selected products in the online shopping cart while they browse the site. Once the customer is ready to checkout they are able to view the product price(s), taxes, and associated shipping and handling fees.

Order Processing & Billing

The seamless integration with SAP Business One enables the OLK Web Store to automatically create orders in the SAP Business One database, which then triggers the generation of an order document. Additionally, OLK Web Store automatically sends an order confirmation e-mail to the customer.

Within the OLK Web Store E-commerce platform, customers can easily calculate item taxes, assign shipping and handling charges based on product criteria like size and weight, and set up payment options for different customer types.

Price Lists and Discounts

OLK uses the exact same price lists from SAP Business One for your E-commerce Web store. You can easily create and manage price lists from SAP Business One or OLK, generate promotional discounts for specific products, customers or customer types, as well as assign the appropriate taxes.

Product Availability Check

Show customers real-time availability as they shop. Allow your customers to pre-order out-of-stock items or purchase products on back-order.

Up-Selling & Cross-Selling

Promote up-selling and cross-selling by recommending products to customers during the checkout process or once a product is added to the shopping cart. Show related products during the browsing processing based on pre-defined product alternatives.

Customer Segmentation & Campaign Targeting

Segment your customers based on defined criteria, such as past orders, region, language, etc. Target different segments with customizable, event triggered campaigns while leveraging customer information stored in the OLK CRM.

Product Search & Filter

Configure products so customers can easily pick and choose items. Set product attributes to allow customers to search and filter products according to your or their parameters. And display product availability to allow customers to pre-order new arrivals or back-order out-of-stock products.

Catalog Personalization

Personalize your customer’s shopping experience by filtering the product catalog for dynamic product presentation. Show products to customers based on their country of origin, group, previous purchasing behavior or order history, or any other defined criteria.


All of the above, plus amazing customization, service & support

Consultative sales process

If you’re new to SAP Business One or OLK, and have questions about it, we would be happy to demonstrate exactly how it works in detail. We’ll show you how SAP and OLK, together, can immediately improve your sales operations.

Talk to a TopManage software specialist today.

Unlimited technical support

TopManage’s support team is always at the ready to help you, whether you’re just starting on day 1 or planning an advanced workflow on day 1,000. We’ll help you get setup, configure the software for your particular needs, and provide resources to keep your sales operations up and running.

World-class customization

Our dedicated team of customization and integration experts offer personalized service to help take your sales to the next level. We’ll take the time to learn your business and customize your Webstore to meet your specific business needs. Whether it is designing a Website to match your corporate identity or integrating a third-party application, we’re here to help you succeed.