OLK event with B1 Consulting of Venezuela

B1 Consulting together with “SAP Andina y del Caribe” held an event in the offices ofSAP Venezuela in Caracas, for their prospects from the sector of small and medium businesses with the business solution SAP Business One. Many important companies of Venezuela were present. We found their common needs to be in accounting, reports of all kinds, logistics, organization of sales forces, etc.

SAP Andina y del Caribe, represented by Jesus Pan, Engineer, channel manager of the region, whose presentation of SAP and its achievements in providing business solutions. Success stories in another region and how SAPsolutions help business around the world to have better relationships with their customers. Perfecting collaboration with its partners and to create more efficiency through its chain of supply and business operations.

LF Consulting with its General Manager Loreto Fernandez made a presentation of his company, which has made great efforts to improve the business process of the growing sector of small and medium sized businesses, where he gathered much experience. This characteristic played a great part in SAP’s selection as a dedicated partner to marketSAP Business One in Venezuela, a task that will be accomplished in a specialized unit called B1 Consulting, presenting its business alliances to improve services and quality of tools of SAP Business One. Like those solutions which complement the optimal functioning of this managerial system.

TopManage de Panama allied in business with B1 Consulting, represented by Mr. Jonathat Piti, introduced his company to a group of consultants from the South American region,TopManage de Panama, the pioneering partner of SAP for the solutions of SAP Business One, an experience that has taken them to develop complementary applications for the system. A demonstration was made of the solution for E-commerce, OLK (OnLineKit) and the solution Real View for reports via the Web to maximize business production.

The event concluded with a breakfast with all the prospects could express their opinion about the products.