SAP Business One Add-ons

TopManage offers a complete suite of SAP Business One add-ons for all industries and business types. Since 1998, we have successfully implemented SAP Business One and add-ons more than 500 times, across three continents. As a leading developer of SAP Business One add-ons, we only sell those that meet the highest quality of standards, including functionality, integration, service, and support. Our add-ons are best-in-class, and will give your business a true competitive edge.


  1. Bulk Email Application

    TM Mailer is a bulk email application for SAP Business One. With TM Mailer you can stay connected to your contacts with a targeted, high-volume email delivery platform. TM Mailer allows you to rapidly email documents to unlimited contacts, including customer statements, purchase orders, invoices, receipts, promotions and more, directly from SAP Business One.
  2. OLK WebStore & OLK WebAgent

    OLK transforms SAP Business One into a private sales cloud, complete with an integrated Ecommerce Web store, Online CRM, and mobile sales application. Its certified integration and online sales tools give businesses the power to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and close more deals faster. With implementation times as little as 3 days, easy-to-use administration, and pre-configured best business practices, OLK allows businesses to see immediate results without long and expensive customization and implementation.
  3. Application Integration (Flute Player)

    Flute Player is an application integration platform used to integrate different applications to support a business process and mission-critical operations. With the ability to integrate and optimize multiple generations of technology in heterogeneous system environments, businesses can simplify and automate processes to achieve greater efficiency, improve customer service, and reduce costs.


SAP B1 Add-ons by Channel Partners

  1. AxisOne: Payroll and HR Add-on

    AxisOne® es un add-on de recursos humanos y planilla especialmente diseñado para aprovechar al 100% la información y las funcionalidades de SAP Business One  ...
  2. Labeling & Bar Code

    Nice Label is a professional labeling solution that fully integrates with SAP Business One. The labeling software provides complete bar code and RFID label design and printing solution to desktop, enterprise and mobile users. Somce features include: Label Design, Barcode and labeling standard, Processing Data, RFID Tags and more.