Online Administration of SAP Sales Cloud

OLK Admin allows you to establish the rules and controls necessary to easily maintain your business, offering a user friendly environment for configurations and customization. OLK Admin is the brain of the SAP Business One Ecommerce Web store and private cloud sales platform.

OLK Admin allows businesses to easily customize and configure the Ecommerce and sales platform through the selection of options from a list (Combo Box), marking an option (Check Mark), or through the creation of SQL Queries.

  • Easily customize and configure your SAP Business One and OLK from a user friendly Web-based environment
  • Reduce IT costs by eliminating the need for IT personnel to maintain your Ecommerce Web site & CRM
  • Quickly implement the private cloud platform and immediately standardize business processes through configurable workflows

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OLK Admin enables you to reduce IT expenditures by eliminating the constant need for IT support to maintain and update your Ecommerce Web site and CRM. The absolute integration between OLK and SAP Business One creates an immediate, seamless flow of information between the two systems. When any information is changed, added or removed in one system, the other reflects all changes in real-time, including all information related to clients, products (including their images), price lists, etc. Additionally, due to the integration, OLK prevents duplicate information.