OLK WebAgent

OLK WebAgent for SAP Business One

Simplify sales tracking & close more deals faster with OLK WebAgent for SB1

OLK WebAgent is a native web browser based tool, designed to optimize commercial and logistic processes. Easy to implement and manage, and with full integration to SAP Business One built in.

Hardware independent, it opens access to SAP Business One areas such as Business Partner Master Data, Inventory, Prices and marketing documents to users anywhere in the world via any device with a web browser and connection to the internet.

OLK WebAgent also offers various procedural benefits, including simple and efficient management of branches, flexible authorization flow management, alerting options and built-in, highly configurable reporting and dashboarding tools, all aimed at providing the business with both the control and efficient access to reliable data required in the modern commercial world.

Our OLK WebAgent for SAP Business One will help your business increase lead conversion, sales productivity and forecast accuracy with the following capabilities:

  • Accessibility: 100% online – access information anywhere, anytime
  • Centralized data: lead, partner, and customer information all in one location
  • Automated sales processes: Increase and optimize sales, reduce closing time, and increase quote-to-sale ratio
  • Mobile application: Track and close your sales deals on the go
  • Web-based interface: Create quotations, invoices, orders and new clients from any internet connection
  • Robust reporting: View customizable dashboards and reports from anywhere without compromising system security


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OLK WebAgent for SAP Business One Features

The OLK WebAgent for SAP Business One and E-commerce platform, OLK, provide businesses with the necessary tools to manage and optimize all sales activities, including: lead, customer and partner management, activity management, sales automation, order processing, support, collection, and reporting.

Lead Management
Customer and Partner Management
Activity Management
Sales Automation
Order Processing
Reporting & Forecasting
Systems Integration


Web-Based Sales Agent for SAP Business One

OLK WebAgent leverages the power of private cloud computing with industry leading implementation times. You can be up and running in a day, and immediately start seeing a positive impact on your business.

OLK WebAgent for SAP Business One is truly an end-to-end sales lifecycle management solution. With one central location for all information, OLK WebAgent covers every customer touchpoint and every stage of the customer lifecycle. And since OLK is highly customizable, you are able to tailor the private cloud sales platform to your specific business needs.

The 100% integrated SAP Business One sales cloud allows businesses to tightly manage their sales process by connecting sales, marketing, and partners to one platform where they all have access to real-time data and best business strategies. Businesses are able to optimize the sales process and sales agents are able to close more deals and help the business grow.

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All of the above, plus amazing customization, service & support