SAP Business One

SAP Business One is an easy-to-use, affordable business management software solution that effectively creates a single platform to manage your entire business and allow your company to streamline operations, act on real-time information, and accelerate profitable growth. SAP Business One integrates all core business functions across your entire company – including financials, sales, customer relationship management, inventory, and operations.

  • Expand your business and your customer base with Web-based CRM and E-commerce capabilities.
  • Take proactive control of your business through automatic alerts, workflows, and response to key business events and customer needs.
  • Streamline your operations by seamlessly integrating key business processes.
  • Customize SAP Business One to support your changing needs and individual user preferences with easy-to-use customization tools.

SAP Business One is the premier enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for small to medium sized businesses. The ERP enables businesses to have a 360 degree view of the company with real-time information—so you can respond to customers faster and grow your business more profitably.

SAP Business One is currently used by more than 30,000 SME worldwide, and is designed to let your business meet the changing industry specific needs of small businesses.

Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, or service provider; operate on a local or international scale; provide your services to consumers or businesses; or operate a workshop or online shop, SAP Business One can easily be tailored to your specific industry.

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End-to-End Business Management Software

SAP Business One provides comprehensive business management solutions, including:

Accounting and Financials
Sales and Customers
Purchasing and Operations
Inventory and Distribution
Reporting and Administration

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SAP Business One Add-ons

SAP Business One is designed specifically to meet the unique and changing needs of small businesses. The application helps businesses evolve IT beyond just the general ledger, and gives owners greater insight into business trends and critical processes.

As a SAP Business One software solution provider, TopManage is able to offer a wide range of new functionality not offered by SAP to meet our customer’s specific needs. Our SAP Business One Add-ons, such as the fully integrated E-commerce for SAP Business One add-on, provide industry-specific solutions designed to help small to medium size businesses streamline operations and accelerate profitable growth. In addition, our SAP integrated E-commerce Web store and sales platform, OLK, extends SAP Business One to the cloud, where customers have access to SAP Business One information from anywhere at anytime.