SAP Business One Implementation

TopManage has 15 years of experience successfully implementing SAP Business One and SAP Business One Add-ons on our customer’s servers. Our implementation process is carefully planned, customer-focused, and follows a detailed plan.

SAP Business One implementation can be a complex process that takes weeks to complete. However, with adequate planning, detailed requirements, clear roles and responsibilities, and realistic customer expectations, SAP Business One implementation can be completed in a timely manner without fault.

TopManage delivers a speedy implementation of SAP Business One and our Add-ons by following a step-by-step process that is customized according to the customer’s business process, operations and requirements. With a complete understanding of each of our customer’s businesses, we are able to reduce implementation time, and avoid customer service pitfalls and a decrease in productivity.

The TopManage implementation team is committed to our customer’s success.  During the implementation process the implementation manager holds weekly meetings with the customer to ensure the project is on schedule and provides detailed reports of the overall progress, as well as answers any questions and addresses any outstanding issues. Provided there are no unforeseen setbacks and the customer is able to dedicate the necessary time and resources to support the implementation of SAP Business One, the complete process, from purchase to go-live, takes approximately 8 weeks.


SAP Business One Implementation Process

Business Analysis & Implementation Plan
On-site Implementation & Software Setup
System Configuration, Data Migration, Customization & Testing
End-User Training
Go Live & Support