OLK Enterprise E-commerce Software

Online sales are growing at a breakneck pace, and in order to stay competitive your business needs enterprise E-commerce software in place in order to take advantage of advancing opportunities. Many businesses are new to the world of E-commerce. Do not let this scare you away. Cutthroat competition requires all businesses to perform at optimal levels. With enterprise E-commerce software, businesses can implement an E-commerce strategy that integrates all business operations, streamlines processes, and increases online sales.

SAP Business One is by far and away the best business management software for small and medium size businesses. Its enterprise resource planning manages all business operations in one system, but does not include E-commerce. However, by integrating the OLK E-commerce Web Store and private cloud sales platform with SAP Business One, you can effectively combine an ERP with an enterprise E-commerce Web store, allowing your businesses to confidently navigate E-commerce channels with a smooth workflow from order-to-cash.

OLK enterprise E-commerce software helps your business accelerate profitable growth Online while streamlining and automating business operations. Whether your sales are to businesses or consumers, OLK’s E-commerce software provides you with a single integrated platform that will allow you to eliminate time and location barriers, sell more products, increase customer satisfaction, and fulfill orders in an accurate and timely manner.

Not only does OLK enterprise E-commerce software seamlessly integrate with SAP Business One, but also it provides a single platform to tie your E-commerce Web store and all other sales channel together with inventory and order management, customer relationship management, and finance and reporting.

Enterprise E-commerce Software Benefits

Key Benefits of OLK enterprise E-commerce software:

  • ERP integrated E-commerce Website – easily manage inventory, order fulfillment and customer information with a customized designed SAP database-driven Website
  • Quick Implementation – Deploy a full featured E-commerce Website with your entire SAP B1 catalog in one day
  • Sell Online with confidence – process orders with complete assurance that the item is in stock, tracked, and delivered to your customers on time
  • Improve customer satisfaction – Provide self-service access and a personalized shopping experience to customers with unique content and dynamic pricing, including special offers, discounts, and the ability to check order status and make payments
  • Increase revenue – Build targeted, personalized marketing campaigns and enable automated cross-selling/up-selling recommendations
  • Accelerate order-to-cash process – setup automated approvals and standardize workflows with an integrated quote-to-order-to-cash process
  • Reduce cost-of-sale errors – Customize automated sales processes and self-service functionality to improve your sale order success rate
  • Speed up order fulfillment – utilize real-time inventory tracking, price list integration, and monitor customizable dashboards and reports