Private Cloud ERP Software

The Future is in the Cloud

Private cloud ERP software provide businesses with a data center architecture that provides greater control, agility and scalability with on-demand access. By implementing your ERP software (business management software) on your organizations resources and accessible through the Internet, you have total control and customizability over your private cloud structure.

  • Greater customization and control – configure and manage IT through a single interactive portal
  • Increased scalability and agility – IT services can be quickly scaled up or down
  • Enhanced security – ensure only authorized users can access data and infrastructure
  • Create quasi-public clouds – grant access to your private cloud for partners and B-to-B E-commerce
  • Quick implementation and easy migration – simple setup and minimal design requirements
  • Low cost of ownership – reduced system management, no recurring costs, and minimal upgrade expenditures

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Private Cloud Software

Private Cloud is a metaphor used to describe an organization’s data center or application(s) that are operated behind their firewall on their own resources and accessible through the internet. Designed with a single location for all administration and management, self-service agility and scalability allow businesses that operate a private cloud to maintain total control and security over their cloud computing environment.  The main difference between private cloud and public cloud solutions is the control of the software and hardware. Public clouds use applications and data centers controlled and hosted entirely by a third-party outside of the organizations firewall.

By integrating your private cloud ERP software with other applications or services, such as SAP, businesses are able to automate processes, enhance agility, and reduce the total cost of ownership.  Most businesses already have the necessary infrastructure in place to host a private business network accessible via any internet connection at anytime. Businesses only need to better utilize their existing assets.

Private Cloud ERP Solution

SAP Business One is the perfect ERP software for small to medium size organizations. SAP Business One is an end-to-end business management solution where right out of the box it manages accounting and financials, sales and customers, purchasing and operations, inventory and distribution, and reporting and administration.

SAP business one ERP is designed to provide total scalability and flexibility by allowing third-party solution providers to develop and integrate cloud and non-cloud applications with the ERP software. SAP Business One combined with the availability of 100s of add-ons makes it a nearly limitless business management solution.

By design, SAP Business One is not setup for cloud computing. However, OLK Private Cloud E-commerce and Sales Platform, seamlessly integrates with SAP Business One, creating a secure private cloud ERP software solution for SAP Business One customers.  The OLK private cloud platform gives customers complete ownership and control of the ERP software and hardware, allowing them to have a customizable solution that is scalable and agile.

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