SAP Business One Retail Software

As an expert in the retail industry, you know your business is not only about trying to sell a product at the lowest price possible, but also you need to find a way to create a unique shopping experience that attracts new customers and strengthens customer loyalty. At the same time, you need to maintain the pulse of the trends and make sure you have the right inventory to meet demands.

SAP Business One retail software can help you accomplish just that – managing both traditional, like online sales, in addition to coordinating loyalty programs, inventory tracking, monitoring of client demands, and displaying supplier delivery programs – all in one system.

Not only does SAP Business One run your core retail business functions like sales and finance, it can also help you:

  • Strengthen customer loyalty – Keep a log of all customer contacts and their purchasing preferences; launch promotions, offers, and campaigns with a given destination bringing your customers back to buy more.
  • Anticipate customer demand – Analyze the data in full of previous transactions to predict what customers will buy, check inventory availability in real time, and balance stock levels to match demand.
  • Optimize Inventory Management – Manage inventory levels to match the anticipated demand, keep a record of all items in stock and their movements with complete visibility, and translate that record into available inventory in real time.
  • Increase your online presence and sales – Design and manage integrated online stores with transparent back-end inventory, order process, shipping records, and payment system management.