Two-Tier SAP ERP

By integrating the OLK private cloud platform with SAP Business One, or by integrating multiple SAP ERP’s via Observer, businesses can effectively implement a two-tier ERP model that lets you preserve your on-premise SAP Business One ERP while equipping all other offices, subsidiaries, and sales personnel with agile and flexible integration with the corporate ERP. The two-tier approach allows businesses to consolidate financial information, standardize business process across company-wide locations, and reduce implementation time and expenses.

Our two-tier ERP model is designed to give businesses insight into their subsidiaries or branch offices so they can run their new entities efficiently. OLK private cloud platform connects your offices to the on-premise SAP ERP at a fraction of the cost and time necessary to implement a separate ERP in each location. Connect your offices to the OLK private cloud and immediately experience increased visibility and efficiency at an affordable price. But if your business requires an ERP at each subsidiary office, then Observer can quickly and easily seamlessly integrate multiple SAP Business One ERPs, or integrate SAP R/3 with SAP Business One.