OLK Web Suite

OLK WebAgent and OLK WebStore allow you to be connected with your business in real time from anywhere in the world. Be a part of this new way of making business by acquiring any of the solutions OLK® has for you.

OLK WebAgent


OLK WebAgent is a native web browser based tool, designed to optimize commercial and logistic processes. Easy to implement and manage, and with full integration to SAP Business One built in.

Hardware independent, it opens access to SAP Business One areas such as Business Partner Master Data, Inventory, Prices and marketing documents to users anywhere in the world via any device a connection to the internet.

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Today, selling through the internet is the easiest and most cost effective way to market products and make them available to customers.

OLK® WebStore enables SAP Business One users to extend their sales activities to include online customers. Offering both client record driven and anonymous sales activity, it is the most fully featured, fully integrated solution available for SAP Business One.

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