Business Management Software

Streamline business operations by managing your entire business on one integrated platform.

Business management software, also known as enterprise resource planning (ERP),  helps businesses streamline operations and accelerate profitable growth. By providing one unified software system for all business information, data seamlessly flows across departments, offices, regions, and so forth. With one fully integrated system to manage all operations, businesses can manage everything in one location, including: accounting and financials, sales and customers, purchasing and operations, inventory and distribution, and reporting and administration.

TopManage business management software solutions can be customized to your industry specific needs. Our software solutions provide the following industries with the necessary technology to succeed in today’s market.

  • Retail – Optimize inventory management, increase customer loyalty and speed-up the sales process
  • E-commerce – Increase online presence, sales and efficiency by integrating your E-commerce Web site with an enterprise ERP
  • Manufacturing – Increase efficiency, optimize inventory management, modernize production and planning
  • Wholesale Distribution – Anticipate customer demand, streamline delivery to payment and optimize inventory management
  • Professional Services – Strengthen customer relations, enhance relations with profitable clients, and optimize human resources

Business management software is not one-size-fits-all. Small to medium size businesses require custom tailored solution specific to their industry. Moreover, they need  a scalable, affordable and low maintenance solution so they can focus on their core business, not IT. Private cloud business management solutions are the answer for SMEs who want to adapt and decrease infrastructure costs, minimize IT requirements, and enable scalability. Learn more about the private cloud.


Business Management Software for SMEs

SAP business management software for small to medium size enterprises (SMEs), SAP Business One, is the true end-to-end business management software solution for all industries. With SAP Business One businesses can confidently and accurately make decisions, conduct forecasts, monitor key performance indicators and have a 360 degree view of all business information in real-time.

Business management software can be applied to almost any industry. From retail and E-commerce to manufacturing and wholesale distribution, an integrated business management software system can manage your complete customer lifecycle, product lifecycle, supplier relations, and much more.

Right out of the box, SAP Business One provides a suite of integrated business management applications that manage all business operations, but some businesses require industry specific solutions with a high degree of customization. In such cases, SAP Business One add-ons can be utilized to offer businesses the varying degrees of customization they require.

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